Client:NZ Police

Type:Fully Integrated Recruitment Campaign


For many people, the stereotypical attributes of a cop revolve around physicality, toughness, conformity and heroism.


While it's true that the job can involve those aspects, modern policing is more about working with communities and understanding the people within them in order to make a difference. We sought out men and women who more strongly identified with qualities like empathy and compassion with the question “Do you care enough to be a cop?”




To break stereotypes and turn perceptions of police work on their head, we did the unexpected, and did not feature officers in our work. Instead, we filmed a series of social experiment scenarios. These featured members of the public, and addressed societal issues that Police Officers deal with daily - including alcohol-related incidents, mental health, at-risk youth and safety on our roads.

We wanted to see how many people would step up to help those in need, thereby attracting the right kind of people into the NZ Police. At the same time, we hoped to remind people of the importance of a sense of community, and of the duty of care that we have for each other.




It's still early days in this campaign, but it is clear that throughout 2016-18, the NZ Police will be empowered to recruit their most diverse crop of rookie cops, ever, while at the same time achieving the lowest cost-per-lead in the history of police recruitment.

“Thought-provoking recruitment campaign goes global"

– Campaign Brief, Scoop, Herald, TVNZ and Stuff.

“Would you stop to help? Dozens of people walk past a 'homeless boy' rummaging through bins looking for food as part of an experiment from New Zealand Police­”

– The Daily Mail

“Would you help? NZ Police campaign show people reacting to hungry homeless boy” 

– The Guardian